This Website Will Be Ending Soon!

Congratulations to us and to you! We won this battle!

When we first posted this website and founded The American Telecommuting Association, telecommuting was a relatively rare phenomenon, with owners and managers very reluctant to pay an employee who didn't show up on a regular basis. How could they know s/he was actually working?

Today, telecommuting is as common as water, and just like fish don't really pay much attention to the water in which they swim, today's employers and employees don't really pay much attention to what we used to promote so strenuously as "telecommuting." In fact, a great many employers now make a big thing of allowing their employees to work remotely.

So while the ATA once had countless members and fought countless battles on many fronts and at many levels, today there's far less for us to do. What's more, momentum is on our side. We suspect that within a few years, the notion of "telecommuting" will be as well-accepted and commonplace as the notion of women running companies and internet-enabled commerce (if it isn't already).

So the next move is obvious: We're declaring victory and moving on.

Many thanks for all your support during the most difficult years, and congratulations again for your success in winning this important fight.

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Millions of people in the United States and around the world have discovered the power, the pleasure, and the productivity improvement that comes with Telecommuting to work. This is your invitation to join us and help to share these benefits with others.

A simple $10 donation gives you proud membership in the American Telecommuting Association, and gives us the power to continue distributing information and know-how about telecommuting to the thousands of people who inquire every month. If you are an employer, we ask for $10 per year per telecommuter (remember that telecommuting need not be a five-day-a-week proposition; many telecommuters work out of the office only a few days per month). If you're enjoying the benefits of telecommuting, or if you'd like to, won't you please make a donation to help the ATA continue its mission of enlightenment and empowerment?


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 As we have done every year since 1993, the American Telecommuting Association is declaring "Telecommuter Appreciation Week". In 2020, "Telecommuter Appreciation Week" falls on the period from March 1 through March 7 (in homage to Alexander Graham Bell, whose birthday is March 3rd).

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This is not a membership in the ATA, but it's a great way to obtain some immediately useful information, and to test the waters of telecommuting. Once you see how easy and advantageous this new way of working can be for you, we're sure you'll want to join!

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Be sure to ASK for the "Instant Telecommuter Information Pak", and
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The American Telecommuting Association is dedicated to helping its members make the most of their jobs, their careers, and their personal lives. By providing access to relevant information, training, special opportunities, and more, the ATA is one of the best sources of information on telecommuting anywhere. And we want you to join us in this great new trend, NOW.

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The ATA is conducting a new survey of telecommuters. If you are a telecommuter, or if you employ telecommuters, and you would like to participate, please contact us at this email address. Thank you.

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Please Learn About Telecommuting:

What's So Good About Telecommuting?

( A Quick Primer To Familiarize Yourself With The Basics On The Topic, Click Here To Read About The Benefits, Or To Tell Us Your Stories. )

Old Thinking Vs. New Thinking

( Where Will Your Organization Come Out In History's Great Filtering Process? )

Tele-News' Brief Table Of Contents

( Past Issues Of The ATA's Newsletter )

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The American Telecommuting Association's "Best Practices" Report

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The American Telecommuting Association's Telecommuting Affinity Index

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The American Telecommuting Association's Work Suitability Index

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The American Telecommuting Association's Instant Telecommuting Information Pak

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The American Telecommuting Association's "Effectiveness-Building Forms"

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What Employers Should Know About Telecommuter Ergonomics

( Here's a vital new report that will help management reduce exposure of the organization's telecommuters to ergonomic hazards that can develop so easily in workspaces located away from the central office. )

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The ATA is conducting a new survey of telecommuters. If you are a telecommuter, or if you employ telecommuters, and you would like to participate, please contact us at this email address. Thank you.

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More To Learn About Telecommuting:

ATA Telecommuter's Work-Analysis Project

( Please Help Us Analyze The Work That Telecommuters Do )

The American Telecommuting Association "Consortium"

( Here's A Way For Vendors Selling Into The Telecommuting Market To Help The ATA Make The Market Grow )

 U.S. Census Bureau: Americans Spend More Than 100 Hours Commuting To Work

( Documentation About The Time, Money, and Other Resources Wasted in Physical Commuting )

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The ATA is conducting a new survey of telecommuters. If you are a telecommuter, or if you employ telecommuters, and you would like to participate, please contact us at this email address. Thank you.


"Telecommuters Do It At A Distance!"

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